Triangle Interfaith Alliance is an organization of people of diverse faiths committed to building interfaith relationships and communities of compassion.


We promote understanding, religious tolerance, acceptance, education and respect among all faith groups in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas of the greater Triangle.


The TIA seeks to offer hope by providing a grassroots, non-partisan, statewide, faith-based organization where all people of good will can participate.


Boost your knowledge about world religions

The Board and members of TIA profoundly believe in the equality and dignity of all beings, regardless of race, creed, culture or social position. Therefore, we are shocked and saddened by the senseless killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. We also remember and honor others who lost their lives unjustly to systemic racism and police brutality. Not all are named here but most recently, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia while jogging and Breonna Taylor in Kentucky while she was inside her house. We feel the sorrow of the families who lost their loved ones.

Our Faith traditions all teach us that life is sacred, ALL LIFE IS SACRED. We mourn loss of life and the inherent racist hatred among some people in positions of authority. Our country has a complex history when it comes to race, but our present and more importantly our future must be better than our history. We must do better to love, honor, preserve and protect every individual especially the ones who are marginalized.

As board members of Triangle Interfaith Alliance we resolve to do better in reaching out and forming a just and inclusive community to bring about change for the better. We join our voices with our black friends who have suffered so much, for so long in being targeted for who they are. We stand with them; no excuse and no reason is justifiable for this brutality against them.

We want our black brethren to know that we stand together in solidarity with them in prayer for healing our marginalized community and
for the healing of our nation:
One nation under God with justice for all“.